Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQ)


What are the essential parts of a mechanical keyboard?

Keyboards vary in terms of components, but generally, our keyboards will require the following components:

1. Keyboard Case (ie. Sequence, Array, or Portal).
(Please note, all case purchases include a 35A O-ring, FR4 switch plate, feet, DB+JST set, and Hi-Chew)
2. Printed Circuit Board (PCB) (ie. Hotswap or Solderable)
3. O-Ring (mounting system)
4. Daughterboard + JST Cable (DB+JST)
Switch Plate
Keyboard Switches
8. Keyboard Stabilizers

Get everything you need with a
Keyboard Kit including a PCB and our Component Kit!

Who are we?

We are 2 people based in San Francisco, creating high-quality bespoke computer-hardware. We love keyboards and hope to share our passion with the world.

When does Parallel restock its products?

We offer seasonal product launches or "drops" a few times a year. Typically once a keyboard model has sold through, there are no set plans to run it again. We want to create as many refined and unique designs as we can.

However, there will occasionally will be extra units or "B-stock" units which have slight imperfections that we list at a discount throughout the year, typically after a given model has sold through.

Where to find the latest news?

We post updates and news through the following channels:


Do Parallel keyboards support your OS?

Parallel PCBs come preloaded with an OS-agnostic BIOS, meaning, regardless if you have a Mac, Windows, Linux, or Chrome operating system, your keyboard should be plug and play after it's all put together!


What are Pewter switches optimized for?

Pewters are designed to be the "least tactile" tactile switch. They're great for people who'd like a little bit of tactile feedback when typing without the "bump" being too overstated.

Check out filled types video below to see how they sound!

What's the difference between Hot-Swap and Solderable PCBs?

Hot-swap is a modular configuration of a PCB that allows you to replace your keyboard switches without the use of a soldering tool.

Solderable is a PCB configuration that requires a soldering tool in order to affix your keyboard switches to the PCB. Soldering your keyboard offers benefits related to response time and switch-feel consistency, but comes with drawbacks if you want to change your keyboard switches or plate.

What's the difference between our Switch Plate materials?

We offer different switch plates as each material offers a variation between aesthetics, typing-feel, and sound.

With regards to feel, polycarbonate is the softest plate we offer, so it offers the most flex when typing. FR4 is moderately flexy, whereas aluminum and carbon fiber are stiffer in comparison, but still offer a modest amount of flex when typing.

What's the difference between our O-Rings?

Our O-Rings vary based on hardness (30A, 35A, and 40A). Hardness is inversely correlated to “bounciness” or “feel” of typing on the keyboard.


When do we ship?

We pack and ship our orders everyday but fulfillment times may vary as we are a small team.

Generally, after we receive an order, we should take approximately 1-2 business days to get your order packed and dropped off with one of our carriers.

There are special situations in which we will need to follow up with you if we need additional details regarding the shipping address or if there is an associated lead time on a product which will result in a delay.

Who are our carriers?

We ship via the following carriers based on destination country:

1. USPS - Domestic Orders & Select Countries
(Domestic: 1-4 Business Days, International: 1-3 Weeks)
2. UPS - International Orders
(International: 1-5 Business Days)
3. DHL - International Orders

(International: 1-5 Business Days)

Will there be import taxes/duties?

Parallel operates and ships from the US.

For international orders, there may be applicable import fees/duties that will need to be paid by you to receive your package.

When your package arrives within your country's borders, you should expect to receive further information regarding those fees from whichever carrier you decide to ship through.

Which countries do we ship to?

Please see each of our carriers international service listing:

Please note that there may be service interruptions for certain countries based on unique circumstances.


What is a Pre-Order?

A pre-order is an option offered for our newer products that allows you to pre-purchase the product before it is live and receive it once it is launched.

Many of our products are made-to-order, and the pre-order model ensures we’re able to produce just the right amount of custom orders needed.

Why join a Pre-Order?

Joining a pre-order will guarantee that you receive the model, color, and configuration that you’d like. This model allows Parallel to offer more options and customization to each product we release.

How long will our Pre-Orders be open?

This will be specified in the announcement, but generally there will be a limited number of slots available or a finite window of time.

What is the expected lead time for a Pre-Order?

Generally, there will be a 2-5 month lead time between when the order is placed and when it is shipped to the customer. There will be regular progress updates on each products pre-order page.

How do I hear about new Pre-Orders?

We post updates and news through the following channels:


Customer Support

Do we accept returns?

Parallel does not offer returns or cancellations for completed orders. In the future, if the company has more time and resources we may offer order cancellations or refunds with a restocking fee.

What to do if your order arrives damaged or missing items?

We’ll work to resolve any case which involves an order that arrives damaged or missing items. This policy extends to products prior to assembly and within 2 weeks of confirmed delivery.

Contact with details (order no., pictures, and description) and we'll work hard to get it resolved as soon as we can!

Something wrong or your question isn't answered here?

Reach out to and we'll try our best to help out!