We started making clocks 🕰 Here's why.

After a year and change of mechanical keyboard design, Parallel is excited to share its first non-typing thing, a clock we call Companion.

Our goal as a brand is to create functional and aesthetic products that boost our productivity and mood around the workspace. The keyboards we offer have a straightforward value proposition - they improve the look, sound, and feel of our daily typing, something we spend a lot of time doing.

In the 21st century, a clock’s value is more varied. Clocks tell time of course, but each one has a unique delivery and request of your attention. Some beep, some tick, some light up, some blink, some display the millisecond. If you’re like me you already have a computer and a dozen productivity tools to set reminders and alerts with. We made Companion to slow things down a bit. It will tell you the time, but its main feature is its form, a physical memento to help you think about your time.

Companion is designed to fit in with the objects on your desk - put it near your monitor to inspire focus. Take it with you to the couch or kitchen to read a book over coffee. If it’s meant for an eye-level shelf, to be face-up, or under a monitor stand, leave its "chair" behind and just rock the block.

  • Zenlike

    • quiet, both visually and audibly
    • slow, free of distraction and alerts
    • present, yet not in your way
  • Tangible

    • unique material, finish, and weight
    • depth of color, shape, and light
    • meant to be handled - move it from room to room with you
  • Exemplary

    • it stands for what you do with your time, not the time itself
    • it’s a visual nudge to dial in the moment to your advantage
    • it’s the Marcus Aurelius of clocks - it whispers “do something great today”

We designed Companion with these affordances in mind. We hope its “slow tech” nature helps you get centered. We hope its structure, rather than catalog of features, lends to greater appreciation and use. And we hope Companion serves as a space-grade-scuplted-block of a reminder that time is something we can savor, rather than react to.

Thank you for the time!

BG and the Parallel team

Buy Companion

  • Components

    - 5 original parts crafted from precision-milled, bead blasted, and anodized 6063 aluminum

    - Top-quality silent quartz clock movement powered by 1 AA battery (not included)

    - All packaged in premium microfiber pull-string bags with custom reusable black box

  • Specs

    - Primary clock body measures 90 mm x 90 mm x 35 mm

    - Total weight around 1.3 lbs / 0.6 kg (feels substantial in hand)
    - Single-fastener enclosure accessed with small hex or flathead driver

  • Availability

    - All units are currently produced, in-hand, and ready to ship worldwide

    - Limited quantity of First Edition units in Vibrant Red and Deep Teal
    - Ships promptly within 0-2 business days of checkout, with holiday gifting timelines in mind