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Component Kit

Component Kit

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Product Details:

  • Packaged in a hand-dyed cotton tote bag, the Parallel Component Kit is a collection of items needed to create a fully-assembled keyboard with the purchase of a Parallel Keyboard Kit.
  • The combined assembly of our Component and Keyboard Kit offers a high-quality end-product in both sound and feel.

What's in the box:

    • 90 Pewter Switches
      • Subtle tactile switch, improving from the comparable Cherry MX Brown switch
      • 90-count sufficient for up to TKL (80%) keyboard layouts and all Parallel board models
    • Full Set of Thick Doubleshot-ABS Keycaps
      • Available Colorways: Black Caps/White Letters (WOB) or White Caps/Black Letters (BOW)
      • 173 Keycaps, accommodates all keyboard sizes and ISO/ANSI layouts
      • Cherry profile
      • Compatible with MX-Style switch stems (Pewter-Compatible)
    • Snap-In Stabilizers
      • Stab-Pack Includes: 1 x 6.25U Stabilizer & 4 x 2U Stabilizers
      • Supports default Parallel PCB 65% keymapping & up to TKL layout 
    • Accessory/Mod Kit
      • Includes: 50 ml of GPL 205g0 lubricant, Thin Brush, Switch Puller, Stem Holder, Keycap Puller, and Metal Switch Opener
      • With this Accessory/Mod kit, you will be able to modify your keyboard's switches/keycaps and lubricate your switches/stabilizers with the community-recommended GPL 205g0
        (Check out our resources on why and how we recommend lubricating your components)
      • 50 ml of GPL 205g0 can be used to lubricate up to 120 switches
    • Tote Bag
      • 100% cotton tote bag, screen-printed with Parallel logo
      • Hand-dyed and washed in-house by Ralphy
      • Bag colorway will be randomized between BIOME / HAZE 
      • The dyeing process results in each tote bag featuring a 1 of 1 pattern that is completely unique from the next

      Helpful Resources

      Check out our FAQ and Build/PCB/General Resources for helpful info to get you all set up! 

      Listen close to our Pewter switches with filled types:

      Here's two helpful videos from Taeha Types on how and why to lubricate your switches & stabilizers:

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