Portal - our first keyboard - Parallel Limited

Portal - our first keyboard

Hey everyone. Things are picking up with Parallel and I'm excited to share what's new.



A huge thank you to those who grabbed Pewter switches. They've made it to 75+ countries and all 50 US states, even Texas. I hope to bring Pewters (and/or a new cousin of theirs) back early this fall.


Portal - a keyboard design

Next, I recently made a small announcement for Parallel's first keyboard. It's called Portal, and it's a 65% using the o-ring gasket mounting system. Check out this page to read up on all the details!


How to get Portal

Portal is being offered in two phases called Group Buy 0 and Group Buy 1. GB0 boards ship out this month. GB1 boards go on pre-order September 1, with shipping to customers scheduled for late Q4 of 2021.

There are two "drops" of Portal for GB0 of 30 boards each. The first is on Sunday Aug. 15. The second is on August 21. For both GB0 sales, boards are set to ship to customers late this month. For precise times of each, please join our Discord server to learn more. To help the most interested people obtain one of the limited early boards, we're sharing exact times there and via email with those who have completed this Interest Check

Information about GB1 Portals will be shared more widely here and through other outlets, including creator content via Twitch, YouTube, and Instagram. And TikTok.


Being Social

I'm very grateful for the interest in Parallel projects this year and beyond. To keep up with more, ask any question, or to just say hey, please join our Discordfollow on Instagram, or send me a message via email/chat.


Thanks so much.


Brad // Parallel

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