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Hey everyone, Portal is Parallel’s first keyboard. It features a 65% layout and  gummy worm mounting system many have come to enjoy, pioneered by boards like OTD 356 Mini, Unikorn, and Bakeneko. Portal is available in 7 colors during the GB1 phase. Below are more details.

Keyboard specs:
- Model: Portal
- Mounting system: o-ring gasket, 30A or 40A
- Typing angle: 6.5 deg
- Front height: 16.4mm - 18.4mm
- Mass: 2.85 lbs built (1.3 kg)
- Body: 6063 aluminum, media blasted + anodized or e-coated
- Weight: 316 stainless steel, mirror polished or rainbow PVD’d
- Layouts: standard or Tsangan R5, split or full BS
- PCB: ANSI or ISO, solderable or hotswap
- Plate: full FR4, aluminum, carbon fiber, and polycarbonate
- Sound tuning: 1mm silicone mat for optional sound tuning
- Feet: Clear or black SKUF Lite in 40A silicon
- Connection: Unified USB-C daughterboard


- Group Buy 1:
- GB starts: Sep. 1, 2021 at 9am PDT
- Boards ship: Late 2021
- Units available: 320
- Target cost: $340
- Colors: blue gray, dark gray, navy, e-lavender, e-white, silver, black

- Special thanks to kkatano and mattdias for project encouragement and PCB support.

- Portal makes functional use of a solid right 0.5u blocker. This gives the o-ring a total of 7 faces to grip, making for a securely snug PCB and plate seating. The build only slides out when intentionally lifted by certain cuts from the plate.

- Portal has been a fun project. One goal was to integrate depth and shape to the overall design. The combination of Portal’s “woofer” relief and tight o-ring perimeter is thought to lend a bass-y stock sound. Visually, light hitting bends of the portal and the steel weight’s reflective surface make for cool views. Portal’s side and back profiles feature liberal tapers, taking advantage of the case being milled from many angles.

- Aiming for the best in look, sound, and feel is at the core of any keyboard designer’s rubric, and this is Parallel’s first go. Portal aims to help us think of the keyboard as a tool that can "take us somewhere." I hope you can try one out.


Thank you!

Brad // Parallel