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  • Specs

    - Gasket o-ring mount

    - 6 degree typing angle

    - Anodized, finely bead blasted aluminum, PVD stainless steel with tri-color enamel infills.

  • Timeline

    - September: prototypes, testing, reviews, design adjustments, GB begins and ends

    - November: manufacturing completes
    - December: boards arrive, QC, fulfillment. All 2022.

    Check out our Production Timeline:

  • Status

    - PCB designed and prototypes in hand

    - Ordered keyboard prototypes
    - Finalized special packaging design
    - Finalized colorway lineup
    - Distributed prototypes to creators
    - Initial production run started & expected Nov '22
    - Special packaging Production

    Check out our Task Board to get a detailed view of our status:

    Notion Task Board 

Curves, from every angle

Rounding Snake's fierce energy, and inspired by vintage supercar design, edge to edge arrays of compound curves give the keyboard an appealing sculpt. Surgical-grade PVD-finished steel meets a trifecta of enamel infill to deliver a new kind of pop.

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