How to Configure using VIA/QMK (Default-Keymapping Info)

(note: VIA users have been reporting issues related to the app that may block VIA as a viable option for some users)

Parallel PCBs come preloaded with a keymap pictured below, but you can use either VIA configurator or QMK Configurator + QMK Toolbox to customize your own key mapping! Between the two, we recommend using QMK!

Base Keymap (Layer 1) (Note: Apple logo translates to the Windows key for Windows)

Base Keymap (Layer 2) (When holding either of the keys labeled "MO1" in Layer 1, you are then accessing the second layer pictured below)


1) Here are our layouts hosted on QMK:
Parallel 65% Hotswap Keyboard Default Layout (ANSI)
Parallel 65% Solderable Keyboard Default Layout (ANSI)

a) You can customize your layout for your board using the menu below in QMK Configurator:

b) After clicking the "COMPILE" and download "FIRMWARE" button, you should have the hex file necessary to flash your PCB with QMK Toolbox! (pictured below)

2) (To put your Parallel PCB into DFU (Bootloader) mode to flash with QMK, either hold ESC before connecting to your computer or press the button on the backside of your PCB)

You can find some community generated guides below by Austin V (VIA) and MechMerlin (QMK).