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Pewter Switch Group Buy

Hey everyone,

It was awesome to get messages each day after Pewters sold out about when they'd be back. Thankfully, we're live as of now on a GB for the switches!
JWK let me know there will only be about a one month lead time.
This is great news, since I initially thought it would be double that time at least. My target is to keep the Pewter GB open until April 30, and to place the order immediately following, if not sooner. Meaning, we can expect all orders to go out by early June 2021.
Thanks so much to all who picked up Pewters in the first in-stock run. It was cool to fulfill orders to 30+ different countries and 30+ US states. I'm hoping the trend of Parallel goods reaching folks all over continues.
As for this GB, one good note is that shipping should be about 20% less for US residents and about 40% less for international customers. Also, if you are a vendor and would like to stock Pewters or feature the GB on your store, just get in touch and we can talk bulk options and how we can collaborate.
Looking ahead, I plan to announce Parallel's first board soon, and may run an interest check for another hopefully interesting switch later this April. I'll post updates here, but please consider the mailing list to keep up with more. I'll likely run the traditional social media hubs like Discord and Instagram upon the first board release, but until then, email might be the easiest way to know what's next. 
I'll leave you with some A+ Pewter content that's emerged recently. I'll be on the lookout for more, and let me know if I missed yours and would like me to feature it somewhere.  Cheers and thanks again for all.
Brad // Parallel
Also, thank you to FilledTypes, CarterPCS, and Shoobs, among many others for sharing word about Parallel and growing awesome communities in the process.
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