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Introducing Sequence

Hey everyone! Parallel just wrapped up the GB cycle for Portal, and I’m thankful for all who took interest and helped the project happen.

Sequence is a spin-off model from Portal which uses its same layout and mounting. 100% of Portal plates and PCBs can be used with it. The board is being offered as a “half-kit” (everything but the PCB), as to provide a cheaper base option to those who picked up multiple Portal add-ons. Add-on “Universal 65% PCBs” are available, which work with these two models, as well as possible others in the future.

The goal with Sequence is to offer an attractive, modern, anodized unibody o-ring board at a lower price point. Inspiration comes from some of my favorite products over time, shown here. Many of these I thought looked awesome as a youth and think still look great today.

Specs and timelines:

  • Model: Sequence 65%, by Parallel
  • Mounting: gasket o-ring (gummy worm)
  • Typing angle: 6 degrees
  • Front height: 17.5mm
  • Weight: > ~3 lbs built (12% heavier than Portal)
  • Pre-Order price: $190 for half-kit
  • - includes, Sequence body, FR4 plate, daughterboard, JST cable, SKUF Lite feet, 35A o-ring, and custom 65% EVA case with zipper and handle (fits most standard 65%s and 60%s)
  • Pre-Order Solder PCBs are $35, and HS PCBs are $45 - both support variable layouts
  • Various extras/add-ons are available
  • Full plate options: FR4, aluminum, carbon fiber, polycarbonate
  • Anodized color options: silver, dark gray, black, navy, blue-gray, and green
  • E-coated color options: white and lavender
  • Units available: Between 40 and 100 of each color

  • Pre-order starts: today
  • Target for customer shipping: April 5, 2022 (possibly sooner)


  • The boards, EVA cases, plates, o-rings, and feet have all been produced and are in-hand currently.
  • The PCBs, daughterboards, and JST cables are nearing completion with expected delivery late March, hence the shorter turnaround time.
  • Once all parts are in-hand, we’ll transition from Pre-Order to In-Stock, until units are sold through.
  • Various streams, videos, and reviews are in the works, from community members new and veteran. Reach out if you create awesome content and want to cover Sequence!
  • We ship worldwide, and local pick-up will be available from our new shop in the Mission District of San Francisco, CA.

Thank you!

Brad // Parallel

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