[Pre-Order] Portal - E-Lavender
[Pre-Order] Portal - E-Lavender
[Pre-Order] Portal - E-Lavender
[Pre-Order] Portal - E-Lavender
Parallel Limited

[Pre-Order] Portal - E-Lavender

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Please read: This Portal keyboard kit is a Pre-Order item that custom made to order. By purchasing it, the customer agrees to Parallel's sales terms.

    Product Details:

    • Portal is a 65% custom mechanical keyboard using the gasket o-ring (gummy worm) mounting system. Providing a comfortable typing feel, bassy sound profile, and future-ready appearance, Portal aims to be a daily driver for your workspace. Learn more about the product here.


    What's in the box:

    • Portal case in E-Lavender with reflective steel weight (mirror polish or multicolor PVD)
    • PCB in Solderable (ANSI + ISO layout) or  Hotswap (fixed layout)
    • FR4 full plate, supporting hotswap and solderable ANSI and ISO layouts.
    • Unified Daughterboard with matching JST cable
    • 40A silicone o-ring gasket
    • Clear SKUF Lite feet in 40A silicone
    • 1mm silicone mat for optional sound tuning
    • Fasteners for weight and daughterboard
    • Custom sliding drawer box
    • Hi-Chew


    • Limit of 2 of this item per person.
    • All orders sharing the same shipping address will be combined as one shipment, unless otherwise noted.