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[Pre-Order] Beam 65% [Polycarbonate]

[Pre-Order] Beam 65% [Polycarbonate]

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Please read: By purchasing this item, the customer agrees to Parallel's sales terms.

  • Shipping Target: June 2023

Product Details:

  • Beam is a 65% custom mechanical keyboard using the gasket o-ring (gummy worm) mounting system.
  • Beam is compatible with all 65%-format Parallel products
  • If opting to include a Parallel PCB, please note that Parallel PCBs (1.6MM Thickness) & Switch Plates support both Snap-In Stabilizers + Screw-In Stabilizers

Products will be in A-Stock condition unless designated as B-Stock


What's in the box:

    • Beam case in CNC-Milled & Bead-Blasted [Polycarbonate] with preferred weight specification
  • 2 Steel Weights with Multicolor PVD coating or anodized aluminum
  • FR4 full plate, supporting hotswap and solderable ANSI and ISO layouts.
  • Unified Daughterboard with matching JST cable
  • 35A silicone o-ring gasket
  • SKUF Lite feet
  • Fasteners for weights and daughterboard
  • EVA Foam Case
  • Parallel Micro-Fiber Dust Bag
  • Hi-Chew
  • If selected and based on preference, Parallel 65% Hotswap/Solderable PCB

Getting Started

Check out our FAQ and Build/PCB/General Resources for helpful info to get you all set up! 

Hotswap Layouts

Here are the layouts that are supported by our Hotswap 65% PCB:

ANSI Blocker Layout (6.25U Spacebar):
Hotswap ANSI Blocker Keyboard 65% PCB Layout
ANSI Blocker Tsangan Layout (7U Spacebar):Hotswap ANSI Tsangan Blocker Keyboard 65% PCB Layout


Solderable Layouts

Here are some of the layouts that are supported by our Solderable 65% PCB:

ANSI Blocker Split Backspace (6.25U Spacebar):
ANSI Blocker Split Backspace for Solderable 65% PCB Keyboard Layout
ANSI Blocker (6.25U Spacebar):
ANSI Blocker Keyboard Layout for 65% Solderable PCB
ANSI Blocker Tsangan Split BS (7U Spacebar):

ISO Blocker Split Backspace (6.25U Spacebar):

ISO Blocker (6.25U Spacebar):
ISO Blocker Solderable 65% PCB Keyboard Layout
ISO Blocker Tsangan Split Backspace (7U Spacebar):
ISO Blocker Tsangan Split Backspace 65% Solderable PCB Keyboard Layout

Sales Terms

All sales are final.

In the case that an item is defective or damaged on arrival, please contact with order details and pictures.

We will work to resolve your issue as soon as we can, but please note that issues related to damaged or defective orders will need to be prior to full assembly and within 2 weeks of confirmed delivery.

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